[BK's] Gem TD

This game is a survivor TD where you need to either win, or in some cases simply stay alive the longest. It has a high learning curve, and the first few matches can be difficult for new players - however it becomes a lot of fun once you have the hang of things. This game requires 1-8 people. At the beginning of the match, the host can choose for everyone to either race each other (race-mode), or to simply play at the same pace. New players should play in race-mode, because you can take as much time as you need each turn.

How to play:

In this game you build 5 gems before each round. One of these will be turning into a tower, while the others will be turned into mazing stones. You simply decide where to place them, and a random gem will be put in each location. In addition you can pick one of the gems in each round. In race mode, you may take all the time you need, but in the other mode you must be quick in placing them, because if you forget to build all 5 each round, or if you weren't quick enough, you will lose out on those gems. Once you place your 5 gems, you can choose the ONE gem you want to keep as a tower. Creeps are released each round which will always try to follow the same path. Therefore it's best to build mazes.

In the middle of the map, you will find "recipes" which will show you what gems combine into others. During the game you can also upgrade the quality of your gems which is very recommended. This game is fairly difficult, but has a layer of randomness and chance which makes things different every game, and is really a blast!

Much of the game is learn-as-you-go. Knowing the gem qualities before hand can help though, and they are as follows:

Chipped (worst)
Perfect (best)

You typically get mostly Chipped gems at the start of the game. As you upgrade your gem quality, you have higher chances of getting the better gems. Remember that if you get certain gem combinations, you can sometimes combine to make an even better gem!

[BK's] Gem TD v4.0 Download

- Download the file and move to  "Warcraft III\Maps\".

*This is the lastest version of Gem TD that are supporting 1.24e. I found that other version of Gem TD (Super Gem TD) are not support 1.24e.


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